Kitchen safety

The heart of your home is in many ways the kitchen. It is a place for putting together delectable cuisines, family reunions and generally a place where quality time is spent with loved ones. But it is also a place where danger lurks around every corner if you are not careful and do not take basic measures to keep your kitchen safe and secure. Some of the areas to exercise a great deal of caution are burns from hot liquids and pans and fire hazards. Hence any recommendations about keeping your kitchen safe and secure should be divided in two categories – one from the omnipresent possibility of fire and related dangers and the other from being cautions in every activity in the kitchen.

Fire and Related Hazards

  • Responding to Fires – Fires are always a real possibility in the kitchen and hence it is always necessary to have a fire extinguisher handy. Check the labels as the chemicals and compounds inside have specific shelf life and has to be periodically changed. Make sure that all members of the family know how to handle the device. Further, attend fire handling courses that are often conducted in the community by specialised fire extinguisher manufacturers. Remember, there are many sides to dousing out a fire. Methods for putting out an electrical or grease fire will not be the same as tackling a fire from overheated oil. Call the fire department if you are not able to put out a kitchen fire within seconds with an extinguisher.
  • Cleaning up FOG – Cleaning up Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) build-up is not merely a hygiene issue – it can be fatal if ignored. FOG accumulation in and around hoods and vents can set off deadly fires. It might be necessary to take professional help to clean ducts and hoods especially in hard to reach areas.
  • Installing smoke detectors – This should be as important in the kitchen as the pots and pans. If you have opted for home security alarm installation in Melbourne or wherever you stay in Australia, smoke detectors will be an integral part of the network along with CCTV cameras and other audio video surveillance hardware. Further, given its importance, it is always advisable to have the smoke detectors serviced regularly very quarter. You can have a maintenance contract with the supplier of your alarm system equipment or get in touch with a leading provider of security services like One-tech Security to do it for you.

Caution in other activities

  • What you wear in the kitchen – Strange as it may seem, wearing the right clothes makes sure that you are safe in the kitchen. Long sleeves or untied hair can catch fire and even accessories like bracelets can get caught on pan handles, tugging them right off the stove. Keep the pot and pan handles on the stove turned away from you so that children cannot grab at them.
  • Be wary of kids and pets in the kitchen – While it is not possible to “ban” kids from the kitchen they should not be left unattended especially when the stove or toaster is on. Appliances take time to cool, down so care should be exercised even after they have been turned off. Pets lounging in the kitchen are a strict no-no as are toys strewn all over the floor. Both are tripping hazards and can have serious consequences.
  • Careful of steam – Hot beverages spilling over and boiling water can scald you badly but did you know that steam can be equally dangerous if not more when compared to boiling water? Be careful when you are taking lids of pots and pans on the stove or while tearing off the cling film after food has been cooked in the microwave oven. Keep your face at a distance from the hot food.

These are some of the steps you can take for ensuring a safe and secure kitchen in your home.