Cookery or the art of cooking has almost limitless facets to it. Consider the types of options available. You can cook on direct fire or without it. You can cook on an electric grill and you can even fry with extremely hot air as in air fryers. Cooking techniques vary widely between countries and so does the ingredients. If you are an avid traveller, you must have seen that with every border crossing, the tastes and cuisine change dramatically. Hence countries have their special food almost like a national landmark – Italian pasta, Chinese noodles, Mexican huarache, American steak cooked rare, Goulash from Hungary and roast beef and Yorkshire pudding from England are some of them.

Our aim at is to bring the many facets of cooking to our readers. However, the scope of this subject is so large that it is almost impossible for our team alone to do justice to this topic. This is why we invite contributions from bloggers who are interested in cooking in all its manifestations.

Ours is not strictly a recipe blog site even though we welcome them. In fact readers are invited to write in about the special cuisine in their respective countries. However, we want to go far beyond that. Some suggestions from our team here will surely help potential contributors to our site what aspects of cooking to cover.

Most of our readers may be expert cooks but they might not be aware of the food value of the ingredients used. Hence blogs on the nutritional part of say carbohydrates and fat, minerals and protein in ingredients used will be most enlightening. Top of the line chefs can explain in detail the different types of cooking such as roasting, baking, boiling, smoking, steaming and frying. Professional dieticians can give valuable insights on the nutritional side of food along with diet tips and guidelines on maintaining well balanced food habits.

These are just leads that writers can follow. We welcome any blog so long as it is related to the cooking niche. We of course reserve the right to edit and modify blogs if so required. Writers will be informed by email when their blogs are published on our site.